Assistance in the EME Contest

I believe that assistance which is normal and natural in every other facet of VHF activity should be allowed in VHF contesting via an ASSISTED class. Below are several postings that I have made over a period of time concerning this issue.

The VUAC recently recommended that all the ASSISTED classes be removed from the EME contest exept for the bands 2.3GHz and above. The PSC made this change to the rules official. Because of this, I believe the smaller EME stations will have a terribly difficult time operating the EME contest. This change disproportionately harms the smaller stations.

Please read the posts below and if you agree with me send a letter of protest to the ARRL and send a copy to me. Specifically, send your letter to Sean skutzko@arrl.org and request that he he forward your letter to the entire VUAC. Thank you.

See you on EME. . .

73 Marshall K5QE

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Last revised August 10, 2009