Maintaining Contact Purity with Assistance:

This idea has been floated by a West Coast EMEer.  His idea was to have a web site where you could post your call, band, frequency, and sequence ONLY(and maybe the grid square).  This page would be self purging after 15 min.  It would be just assumed that you were calling CQ.

This would allow Assisted class stations to let the rest of the world know where they were, but no contact information could be passed.  In order to know who was calling you, you would have to get a good decode.  When you got that, you would have both calls, so that ALL the information would be passed over the radio path(Tilton's Rule).  This maintains the "purity" of the contact as all the contact information was passed via the radio path.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions please email me at k5qe at sabinenet.com