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Hemphill Texas EM31cj

Information About K5QE

First licensed as WN4BUQ in 1965 when living at Ft. Belvior, VA, I passed the General and became WB4BUQ. When I left the Army Corps of Engineers, I returned to Lubbock, TX to begin work on my Ph.D. in Mathematics/Computer Science. At that time I received WA5UNL as my call.

I graduated from Texas Tech in 1972. I became interested in weak signal VHF while in Lubbock, but became a real serious when I moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas. I gave Arkansas to many a VHFer that needed that state. In Jonesboro, with the help of Bob Sutherland, W6PO, I built a KW amplifier for 2M using a 3CX1000A7 and an EME array of 16 5-element yagis.

I made the first EME contact from the 5th call district when I worked Bob, W6PO, on 2M. I then moved to Oklahoma to work for K5JL and K5GL. There, I erected a 240 element 2M EME array and worked W6PO and many others. While in Oklahoma, I was able to change my call to K5MB. In 1976, I made a 2M EME DXpedition to Hawaii which was hosted by Bert, KH6HI. We worked many stations that only needed Hawaii for WAS.

I moved to Pasadena in 1980, and ended up teaching Computer Science at San Jacinto College. I also started a computer networking company, Alpha Networks, that completely absorbed all my time. So much so, that I was off the air for many years and foolishly allowed K5MB to laspe! What a disaster. I re-tested and gained the Extra Class, but was a few days too late requesting my former call - it had been given to someone else. I now live outside Hemphill, TX in EM31 right on the Texas/Louisana border. I have 6M, 2M, 222, 432, 902 and 1296 stations on the air.

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Contest Station Details:
6M = IC-756Pro2, LunarLink LA-62, 1500w to a 7el M2 at 100'
2M = IC-756Pro2, DEMI Transverter, LunarLink LA-22, 1500w to a pair of 17el M2 center at 160'
222 = IC-756Pro2, DEMI Transverter, LunarLink LA-12, 1500w to a 23el M2 at 160'
432 = IC-756Pro2, DEMI Transverter, LunarLink LA-72, 1500w to a pair of 38el M2 center at 135'
902 = Shares the 222 Pro2 for the IF with DEMI High Power Transverter, 70w to a 41el M2 at 170'
1296 = Shares the 432 Pro2 for the IF with DEMI High Power Transverter, 60w to 4 bay array of 22el M2 center at 145'

All antennas fed with 1 5/8" heliax with the exception of 6 meters which is fed with 7/8" heliax.
Using WD5AGO preamps for all bands except 6 meters.

We are making aserious effort in all the VHF/UHF contests, so look for us on all bands 6M thru 1296.


2M EME array of 8 X 18el M2 antennas

432 EME array of 16 x 28el M2 antennas

Home Station details:
6M = Icom 756Pro, LunarLink LA-62, 1200w out and a 7el M2 at 70'. For 2M and above, I use an Icom 756Pro2 for the IF with DEMI transverters for all bands. 2M = DEMI + LunarLink LA-22 1500w out and a 17el M2 at 70'. 222 = DEMI + LunarLink LA-12 1500w out and a 23el MSquare at 73'. 432 = DEMI + LunarLink LA-72 1500w out and a 38el M2 at 75'. 1296 = DEMI HighPower transverter 70w out and a 35el M2 at 80'. All antennas are fed with 7/8" Heliax. Preamps are by WD5AGO.

I am working hard on WAS for 2M. If you would be interested in a schedule email me at:

Thanks and 73's Marshall K5QE

updated nov 2004

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